Counterparts - ‘A Eulogy For Those Still Here’ Exclusive Vinyl

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Counterparts have announced their brand new album, 'A Eulogy For Those Still Here'!

The new record is due on October 07, and we've teamed up with the band and their label, Pure Noise Records, to offer you this sea blue / blood red / deep purple tri-stripe vinyl variant!

It's super rare - only 300 copies exist - and you can only get this variant right here with Rock Sound!

The tracklist to the album looks like this...

01. 07/26/2020
02. Whispers Of Your Death
03. Bound To The Burn
04. Unwavering Vow
05. A Eulogy For Those Still Here
06. Skin Beneath A Scar 
07. Sworn To Silence
08. What Mirrors Might Reflect
09. Soil II
10. Flesh To Fill Your Wounds
11. A Mass Grave Of Saints


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