Crown The Empire - 'Sudden Sky' Vinyl LP

Crown The Empire Sudden Sky Vinyl $19.25
With the announcement of their brand new LP ‘Sudden Sky’, we’ve teamed up with Crown The Empire to bring you our very own, very special and very exclusive vinyl variant.

Pressed on clear vinyl with a unique white splatter, this variant is strictly limited to 250 copies and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. 

But that’s not all - this vinyl also comes with a special magazine crammed full of photos, as well as an in-depth interview on the making of 'Sudden Sky'. Bringing you closer to the record than anywhere else, this is yet another true Rock Sound exclusive. 

And as always: when these are gone, they are GONE. 

'Sudden Sky' track listing:

01. '(X)'
02. '20/20'
03. 'what i am'
04. 'BLURRY (out of place)'
05. 'Red Pills'
06. 'MZRY'
07. 'Under the Skin'
08. 'SEQU3NCE'
09. 'March of the Ignorant'
10. 'Sudden Sky'