Dance Gavin Dance - 'Tree City Sessions Volume 2' Exclusive Vinyl + Magazine Pack

REA2V50538666991 $33.25
Exclusive vinyl variant of 'Tree City Sessions Volume 2'!  Strictly limited to 500 copies.

Dance Gavin Dance bring downtown Sacramento to a standstill for a monumental fan-voted, streamed from the city's Tower Bridge!

That fan-voted setlist, and that recording, form the follow-up to their 'Tree City Sessions' record, titled... you guessed it, 'Tree City Sessions Volume Two'.

And to celebrate, we've teamed up with the band, Rise Records and DWP to put together this awesome, European-exclusive vinyl pack, where you can both hear 'Tree City Sessions Volume Two' in full, and get the full story of this iconic show!

In this pack, you'll get...

Limited edition black, red and yellow vinyl with alternate 'summer' album art
- The story of 'Tree City Sessions Volume 2' deluxe magazine, complete with all-new photos from the show and a HUGE new interview

These are limited edition and available to order here!