Ghost - ‘Impera’ Exclusive Cassette (UK ONLY)

Sale price$16.00


Ghost are back with a new album, 'IMPERA'!

We've teamed up with the band and their label to offer you a super-special cassette version of their fifth record, exclusively for the band's UK fans!
This dark blue cassette variant of 'Impera' is available right here, limited to 500 copies and available for delivery to the UK only!
The tracklisting looks like this...

01. Imperium 
02. Kaisarion 
03. Spillways 
04. Call Me Little Sunshine 
05. Hunter’s Moon 
06. Watcher In The Sky 
07. Dominion 
08. Twenties 
09. Darkness At The Heart Of My Love 
10. Grift Wood 
11. Bite Of Passage
12. Respite On The  Spitalfields 

Grab one while you can!

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