Mayday Parade: Magazine & T-Shirt Pack

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Perhaps more than anything else, Mayday Parade's new record 'What It Means To Fall Apart' is the sum of their history, their members, and everything they've created to date.

And it's great.

So we thought there was no better time to have vocalist Derek Sanders and bassist Jeremy Lenzo sit down for an extensive interview about how it came to be.

Here, across their very own premium 36-page magazine, filled with exclusive new photos, the pair chart their band's story up until now, and explain how they ended up here.

AND! The magazine is packaged with a world exclusive T-shirt design! Meaning in this pack you'll get...

- Deluxe 36-page Mayday Parade magazine
- World exclusive T-shirt design

Available for delivery worldwide!

Size Chest (to fit):
S - 34/36" // M - 38/40" // L - 42/44" // XL - 46/48" // XXL - 50/52"

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