Rock Sound Issue 286 - Lorna Shore

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Please welcome Lorna Shore to the cover of Rock Sound!

Here, Adam De Micco and Will Ramos chart a whirlwind 12 months where they rebuilt their band, released the EP of 2021 and became the most exciting heavy band on the planet.

Across 18+ pages and alongside a brand new photoshoot, the band chart their journey through '  ...And I Return to Nothingness' and look ahead to a year that's already filled with upgraded shows and more anticipation than ever before.

Also inside, William Ryan Key goes deep on his life and career so far, and grab the story of new albums from UnderoathTwin Atlantic and Modern Error.

Elsewhere, we find out why Nightlife are one of our world's greatest new bands, take a look at the past with Yours Truly's Mikhaila Delgado, and catch up with the likes of Blood CommandComeback KidDelaire The Liar and more.

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